What is the true blessing in life?

Next week marks 6 months of life abroad. These last 6 months haven’t been the easiest in my life, but they have brought me to this amazing situation in my life, and that state today is incredible happiness.

I have to be honest here, most of the time in India, I have been searching for happiness. I have been in a state of looking back and looking forward, and not being able to stay present at this moment. Which, of course, means that I, as a person, have been in a state of imbalance. And no matter what I have tried, I have stayed imbalanced and in a way lost. Now don’t get me wrong, it hasn’t been misery the whole time that I have been here, but it has been tougher than I could have ever imagined.

During the past few weeks, this thing has shifted. At first, I didn’t even realize what had happened, but I noticed myself laughing more, smiling more, and feeling just a little bit lighter. And let me tell you, it truly is a great feeling to experience.

What happened all of a sudden that changed my mood? It was actually a realization of how blessed I am. I’m healthy, I have family back in Finland who loves me and who I love, I have the most amazing friends in Finland and I’m here in India, living a life I have dreamt about for years. But these last few months, the last year actually, have also brought new incredible friendships into my life. Friendships that have made my safety net stronger than before. Above all, India has brought a new best friend in my life. A person who has made my last six months easier, a person who is brutally honest to me, a person with whom I shared so many great conversations, a person who has made me see my true worth, and a person who I can tell anything and know I’m not judged in any way.

So, in my opinion, meeting new people, and to become friends with them; that is the true blessing in life. This post is dedicated to all my dear friends near and far, thank you for being in my life. You all make my life so much easier and more beautiful in so many ways. Thank you for being in my life and being a friend to me, I love you all!

Each friend represents a world in us,
a world not born until they arrive,
and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.
-Anais Nin-

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