Top 6 places to eat in Colombo

When I left my home in Varkala, I traveled to northern India, to Srinagar, Kashmir, to be exact. Since it’s spring and much colder than in Varkala, I thought it would be a good time to travel back in time to those warm and sunny days in Colombo. And this post will only tell you about food! Yummy!

Number 6 – Café Kumbuk

Café Kumbuk was a really nice place to spend time, eat and just enjoy. I was looking for restaurant recommendations online and Café Kumbuk came up several times and so I decided to test the place myself. Everything was really worth of all the hype, but I think my expectations were a little higher and that is the reason why Café Kumbuk is on place 6 in my reviews. 

Beetroot salad

Number 5 – Black Cat Café

The Black Cat Café was also a place that came up several times on the Internet and that was again the reason why I decided to try the place myself. The place was really cozy. Of course, the food was also good, but the menu selection was a bit too western to my taste. And if you happen to be a vegetarian, the selection is quite narrow. I would like to give a special mention to the Black Cat Café for their excellent coffee.

Tuna stake

Number 4 Upali’s

On my first day, I was really frustrated with my hotel wifi and also really hungry, and my hotel manager recommended Upali’s to me. Upali’s is said to offer dishes with the best of Sri Lanka’s flavors, and the place is said to offer local and unique culinary experiences. And this claim was absolutely spot on. I decided to try their rice and curry, of course, because I was in Sri Lanka. The portion was really big and the food was excellent.

Rice and curry

Number 3 – Colombo City Center

There is a wide range of restaurants in Colombo City Center mall’s food court. However, I always go to the same place, and this place is Okra Kitchen. They have a delicious Sri Lankan lunch buffet. I think the price and quality of food are just perfect, so I recommend you try it if you happened to be in Colombo.

Number 2 – Harpo’s Colombo Fort Café

I spent my birthday while in Colombo, and on that day I walked to the Old Colombo Dutch hospital area. Harpo’s Colombo Fort Café offers mainly Mediterranean cuisine. However, if you are a vegetarian there aren’t too many options on the list. I chose Burrito for my lunch and it was sooooo good. I think it was probably the best burrito I have ever eaten.

Veggie burrito

Number 1 – Café Nuga

Now, my number 1 place, I found by accident. Nuga offers organic & healthy food in the heart of Colombo. I walked by this place a day earlier and decided to come back to eat the next day. The interior was very modern and peaceful. I chose to eat Sweet potato chickpea burrito bowl, which was one of their vegan options on the menu. The portion was really big, luckily I’d say because it was so good all the way.

Sweet potato chickpea burrito bowl

So, here is my selection for 6 best places where to eat in Colombo. Go and try yourself! Enjoy your meals!

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