Goodbye Varkala

During the past week, I said my goodbyes to Varkala. I know that I’m going back again but still the thought of leaving is a little bit hard for me. Actually, I think that the leaving part hasn’t fully sunk in yet. It was only a few days before that I found myself a little bit misty-eyed about the whole leaving part of my journey. 

Because I’m leaving Varkala behind for a little while, I found myself acting like a tourist again. Eating out every day, treating myself nicely, meaning eating all the yummy dishes I haven’t necessarily eaten for months. I have also said my goodbyes to the sun every evening by the beach, wondering how incredibly beautiful and amazing life can be. <3

But which places I have been hanging out, again? Well, let me tell you. 

InDa Hotel and Café

If you want to have a yummy breakfast in Varkala, you have to go to Inda. For the first 2 months, I ate my breakfasts there every day. Usually, the dish I was eating was an omelet and also coffee at Inda is amazingly good, which you can drink as much as you like. Good thing for the coffee addict, right? But also, they have these delicious banana pancakes which got to be my last breakfast dish. If you are in Varkala, go and try their breakfast yourself. 

Coffee temple

The place that took care of my caffeine needs when I first came to Varkala. After a while, I decided to cut my caffeine intake and therefore Coffee temple became kind of pointless place for me to hang out. But don’t get me wrong, they have all these yummy smoothies and food dishes on their menu as well, so for sure, something can be found on their menu for everyone.

Abba restaurant

Abba is a place where I have hung out the most I think. They have good coffee, but also great salads and good Indian dishes. Whenever I have wanted to eat light their Insala Gennprino has been my choice, and if I have wanted to have Indian food, I have usually ordered either eggplant masala or mushroom masala. I admit I’m always ordering the same dishes because they are just so good. Abba also has amazing Banoffee pie, which just can’t even be described. What can I say but just go there and try? 

God’s Own Country Kitchen

Another one of the places that I usually go and order the same dish. In my defense, it is so easy, because the staff already knows what I want. 🙂 My choice is Dal Aubergine which is just a perfect dish. The menu is really packed with choices, but again, I order what I know is good. I’m not saying that other dishes aren’t great too.

All the places above are at the North Cliff, but I have two favorites at the South Cliff as well. 

Cafe Hbr 

Go, and eat their Masala Dosas because they are so incredibly good. Usually, I have to fight with myself to not order two dosas. 🙂

Soul & Surf

Recommendation for drinking; Pineapple-Ginger juice. Also, the Date Tahini shake deserves to be mentioned as well as oat and peanut butter energy balls. Not to mention, of course, the view from the garden of Soul & Surf. I said my goodbyes to that view a few days before I left Varkala.

There are also two legendary places in Varkala City.


Again, this is a place where I usually go and think about trying to order something different. But, always end up ordering the same dish, which is Paneer Butter Masala and lemon rice. And the reason for the same dish… Because I know for sure how good it actually is.

Suprabhatham Vegetarian Hotel

This place is legendary in Varkala and I think everyone knows the place. All the dishes on their menu are really good, so go and order anything and just enjoy the food and authentic atmosphere of the place….. 

So, by going to these places, I said my goodbyes to Varkala. And like I’ve said this is not the end of my story in Varkala, it is just goodbyes for a little while. Meanwhile, if you are in India and happen to find yourself in Varkala, go and check these places out and make your own decisions whether they are worth it or not. 

Varkala, until next time, you will have a special place in my heart. <3 

Next adventure awaits for me up north in India, so stay tuned. 

Goodbyes are not forever, are not the end.
It simply means I’ll miss you until we meet again.

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