How to stand out with your photos on Instagram?

How to stand out with your photos on Instragram?

Posting photos to Instagram can be a little tricky, especially if you have a new business account on Instagram. And even if not, taking pictures these days is something that everyone does quite well even, so maybe the question back in your mind is, how to stand out? Before proceeding any further, I want to remind you that there is only one you, so that is how you stand out. You are unique and that makes all the difference. In this post, you will learn
• what kind of photos to take
• how you can easily transform an “every day” photo to business proved one
• what sort of editing apps you can use to make your photos look even better than they already are.

How to stand out with your photos on Instagram?

Photo quality is undoubtedly something to think about when posting pictures on the Instagram business account. It is always a good thing to keep in mind that you are representing your business. Now, if you think you need to have a professional photographer for your pictures, I am here to say, no, you don’t need to. Of course, you can, but it is not necessary, absolutely not. Also, you might think that stock photos would be the best solution to have quality photos. Well, it is, and it isn’t true. I mentioned earlier that you are unique, so your own pictures are, in my opinion, always the best. They are keeping it real.

I will give you an example; almost two years ago, I saw one really great meditation picture in Unsplash. By that time, I was helping my friend to start up with her Instagram, and she is a yoga teacher. We ended up using that picture on her Instagram. Two years after, I feel like that picture is the most commonly used stock picture ever and I have seen it so many times that it has undoubtedly lost the “wow” type of feeling in my mind. And you never know what kind of feels that rises up among your audience, do they think that you aren’t for real?

Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash.

What kind of pictures to take?

Luckily almost everyone these days has a smartphone with a decent camera. So equipment-wise, you probably are ready to rock ‘n roll. Since the key is to keep it real, be you on the pictures, or if the post isn’t about you, make sure that it is something that you aligned with. Make sure that the photo is sharp and the quality is good. If the picture is about you, make sure you are facing to light while taking the picture. Also, pay attention to the angle, and it is always a good idea to take wide-angle shots. Why that I will tell you at the end of this post. And, if you are not a selfie person, start learning, because that may come in handy. I will reveal a secret relating to this next.

How to transform an “everyday” photo to business proved one?

Everyone is taking selfies, right? Or maybe that isn’t you, but it is actually an excellent way to come in terms with your camera. You can play a little with it too. Now I have to say I haven’t been a selfie person. I am a little bit better terms with them nowadays; however, I think I only have two looks (maybe I have). By taking selfies, I have learned to see myself in the picture. If you now think what it is that selfies have to do with your business, I give you a tip, your post can be ” a day at the office” type of post, or “workweek is starting out like this.” What I do recommend for you to keep in mind while you take a selfie is human anatomy. Usually, selfies are taken above the chin level, and even though it might be more desirable to the face, it usually makes the head look huge and the rest of the body showing on the picture tiny. The human anatomy is not like this in real life, so I suggest to keep this in mind.

If you are like me, and you feel that you only have two impressions that come to your face, you sometimes might surprise yourself by taking a fantastic selfie with a fresh look. And you think wow, and then realize that for your business account, the background of the picture is just wrong. Do not worry. The image below is actually taken at my mom’s. On the original photo, I am sitting on the floor, and there is a sofa behind me.

Mitä postata sosiaaliseen mediaan?

So, two things might come to your head now. One, didn’t I just say that it is good to keep it real? Yes, but I don’t think I’m misleading anyone with this picture. I mean, there isn’t turquoise sea behind me or pyramids. And, two, it is very well, but I don’t have the time or skills for photoshop. Good, you don’t need to. 🙂

There are many sites where you can upload your picture and then just remove the background on that picture. And the cool part is that there are also backgrounds you can use for the image, and the background can be a color background or let’s say, a brick wall. If you use background, make sure that it is not that obvious that it is not actually the real background of the photo. Try to make sure the color schemes match and so on. The site I have used you can find here. This site has been so good for my purposes that I haven’t had a need to use any of the other sites, though I know they exist.

Editing the pictures

Standing out from the crowd with your own unique style may require some editing. Remember that it is not a must; however, it may add something extra to your photos that makes you stand out. I was talking earlier about the angles. So, it can be as simple as taking the picture from a ground-level instead of above. Let’s say you are a gym instructor, and you are thinking about telling your audience something about practicing with dumbbells instead of caple rope. You can take a picture of dumbbells at the ground level, using a wide(ish) angle. Then what you can do is to see how to picture would like if you crop it in a way the dumbbells are only partly showing, is that something that you feel is more special or maybe you could change the picture to black and white. When you have a picture of the dumbbells with a little bit of background you also can use it later with a different type of editing.

Maybe you are a gardener, and you have a beautiful picture of the garden you have designed. However, you feel that the image is not doing justice to the garden. You can then alter the photo with, for instance, Snapseed. Snapseed is my absolute favorite editing app. It does require some getting used to, but once you get to hang of it, you will never want to stop using it. One thing I would like to point out, don’t overdo your editing. Make sure that the alterations you are doing are as closest to the unedited version as possible.

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I am coming back to the angle thing. If your phone comes with a portrait feature, you can also use it when taking the picture. For example, as a gym instructor, you may want to shoot the dumbbells or closeup from something else that relates to your business, so do it using the portrait. What do I mean with all this? The above picture is a selfie (minus the face) of me doing yoga practice at home. I have taken it with a portrait mode ( I have an iPhone). iPhone allows you to change the portrait photo light, and it can be natural, studio, contour, stage, stage mono, high-key mono.

What comes to apps, there are many, I am just starting to learn lightroom. Snapseed has become my friend, so I will definitely stick with it in the future as well. And you absolutely don’t need an app, you can always edit them on your phone, but apps are still giving something extra that phones necessary aren’t.

Here you go, now you know a little something about how to stand out with the photos on Instagram?

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